Chimney Sweep & Chimney Repair Services Tacoma Puyallup Federal Way

Affordable Chimney Services is your best fire system in Pierce and King Counties. A chimney sweep keeps your chimney in tip-top condition.

A chimney sweep is a worker who clears ash and soot from chimneys. When a fire burns, it produces gases and other toxins that need to be directed outside. During normal operation a layer of soot builds up within a chminey. If your chimney is blocked or damaged, these by-products can cause problems for your home, even putting it at risk of a chimney fire. The heat from a chimney fire can damage bricks, mortar, and mechanical pieces inside a chimney. Regular usage of a fireplace means regular sweeping of the chimney to remove soot.

At Affordable Chimney Services we sweep chimneys and make chimney repairs in Tacoma, Puyallup, and Buckley, WA.

At Affordable Chimney Services we offer essential services like chimney cleaning to clear out hazards and chimney repairs when cracks or other imperfections endanger the function of your chimney. What's more, we offer free, certified safety inspections with all cleanings. From fireplace accessories to chimney liners, caps and dampers, we give you everything you need to keep your chimney running safely and efficiently in Tacoma, Puyallup, Buckley, Federwal Way and other cities in Pierce and King Counties. We also restore and repair chimneys. We're happy to give you a bid.

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Chimney Sweep Services & Options

Please, take a look at what we do. If your fireplace and chimney haven't been inspected or swept in years, then do more than just consider getting help. Lives may depend on your actions.

Our service includes:


  • No Mess with Us Guarantee
  • Vacuuming and hand-brushing of the firebox
  • Cleaning and checking the damper for proper operation
  • Removing all debris and soot from the smoke shelf
  • Hand-brushing of the smoke chamber and chimney flue
  • Checking and cleaning of the chimney cap (if needed)
  • Instructions for the safe use of fireplace or woodstoveSpecial Services that we offer:
  • Removal of bird and squirrel nests from chimneys
  • Repair or replacement of mortar caps
  • Installation of after-market dampers
  • Installation of chimney caps for masonry chimneys and animal screens for metal chimneys
  • Discounts for multiple fireplaces
  • Discounts for multiple-unit buildings such as apartments or condominiums
  • Repeat-customer discounts


We remove bird and squirrel nests from chimneys.